June 10, 2018

New Handmade Paper Batch

My paper-making sessions are getting longer, and the results are better. I’m getting more paper of better thickness. Each session teaches me something, as well as tires me out! This batch was again made from tall dead field grass. The lighter colored sheets resulted from adding "cotton linters" to the pulp. I added lavender buds to the large whiter sheet bottom right, but they didn’t stay whole during blending. The specks smell good though. Some sheets have visible grass segments, I added clover to one, and they all have a lot of texture. I like having texture, it’s always more interesting. I need to somehow start using more of these papers, perhaps in traditional sewn journal and bookmaking. My husband made two small molds for me, thus the three sheets bottom left. They could make neat small book covers! 

My inspiration still comes from nature and making paper, so I’m linking this post to Art Journal Journey.


  1. Wonderful papers Barbara! I am in awe of them!
    Thank you for joining us at Art Journal Journey again!
    Happy new week for you!
    Hugs, Susi

  2. How wonderful Barbara! I'm sure you will think of someway of using these papers.. I love the thought of the inclusions like lavender... Lavender is a weakness of mine..lol Lavender and Sunflowers and old keys.. fancy script writing.. oh and chocolate...lol I have too many weaknesses me thinks...lol Hugs! deb

  3. Again-I love your paper! Do you have plans to sell some?

  4. Your handmade paper is fabulous. I have blended lavender in my paper pulp papers, and they also smell good. The scent will transfer to other papers, too. So glad you got new molds that are a different size, too. And so glad you shared these on Art Journal Journey.

  5. Love your papers Barbara!! That's allot of papers too for one day-thanks for sharing with us

  6. You are getting fantastic results with your papers Barbara and I can imagine how wonderful the lavender ones must smell.
    Thanks for sharing at AJJ what inspired you.
    Gill x

  7. They are all so beautiful and I love the texture, Barbara. I look forward to seeing what you'll create with them.

  8. Your handmade papers are fabulous! How lovely to have lavender infused paper, I bet it smells wonderful šŸ˜. The frame your hubby made was very handy too. Wishing you a lovely week! J šŸ˜Š x


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