October 15, 2019

Needle Felted Macaw

This 6” Macaw was completed last night and photographed today. I’m happy with it, but I got so enthused that I overworked my hands. I had to get out the heavy duty brace this morning. My urge to create is so strong I often forget about common sense! :()


  1. Oh Wow Barbara-your Mccaw is just amazing!! You have found your newest art calling-hugs

  2. Wow, how cool Barbara! I thought for a minute maybe you'd travelled to Central America. Hugs-Erika


  3. Simply stunning. I can relate to overdoing and suffering the consequences.

  4. OMGOSH!! He is wonderful! Sorry you overdid it, but I sure see why.
    Love your bird!!
    xx, Carol

  5. The urge to create is hard to resist at times. I feel like "I just have to make something!"
    Try to remember to take care of yourself.

    But also - great job. I love the color blending on the wings.

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